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Mathieu Parreaux is the co-founder partner of the law firm Justicia SA. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law, Mathieu Parreaux also has a CAS in corporate mergers and acquisitions. His specialisation in banking and financial law allows him to advise Justicia SA clients in the finance field, such as asset managers, family offices and banks.

With his keen fighting spirit, Mathieu Parreaux will always make the necessary investment to push client cases and interests as far as is possible; his sole objective is to serve Justicia SA’s members.


François Thiébaud is a co-founder of Justicia SA. With his background in insurance, François Thiébaud actively contributed to designing the products and services offered by Justicia SA. 

In addition to his role as a manager, François Thiébaud is responsible for corporate financial management, distributors and the firm’s strategic marketing.


Hodan Parreaux is the managing director of Justicia SA. Trained in human resources management, the main part of her career has been in banking. Since 2008, she has been an executive talent scout, creating her own company within which she develops career management guidance, professional integration for young people who have left training and case management services.
Parallel to her professional work, she is trained in coaching, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and case management.
At Justicia SA and in her capacity as managing director, her work consists of representing the firm externally, to clients, partners and public institutions.
She also supports the founder partners in the management of the firm’s various duties as well as managing teams.
She has four golden rules that she applies to her management role to assist our staff constructively and positively: build commitment, accept that you do not know everything, accept radical differences and nurture a sense of community.


Arnaud Parreaux has a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Geneva, a master’s in law and a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in international contracts from the University of Fribourg.
After having qualified as a lawyer at the courts in Fribourg and Valais as well as a Valais law firm, Arnaud Parreaux was admitted to the Valais bar.
He was also a PhD candidate for two years at the University of Geneva in the Civil Law Department and the Department of the History of Law and Legal and Political Doctrines.
Before joining Justicia SA, Arnaud Parreaux worked as a lawyer at a Geneva-based law firm.
Parallel to his professional work, he regularly publishes legal contributions in various fields of Swiss law.


Joao Rodriques Boleiro has a general bachelor’s degree in law (2010) and a master’s in civil and criminal law (2013). In 2013, he also started and successfully completed the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Legal Professions.

He carried out his legal training in Sierre for 15 months and after having successfully passed the exam, he was admitted to the Valais bar. He works at Justicia SA as an in-house lawyer.


Sarra Rouached has a bachelor’s degree in law which she obtained in 2018, a general master’s in law (2020) and well as the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Legal Professions which she passed on her first attempt in 2021.

Alongside her studies, she worked as a legal and administrative assistance at a private comparative law school.

As an in-house lawyer at Justicia SA, her favourite fields to work in are family law, divorce and contracts. She works in French and Arabic and is also fluent in English.


After doing an apprenticeship at Swisscom, Arbesa moved abroad for work for several years.

On her return to Geneva and looking for a new professional role, she joined our firm as a trilingual administrative assistant.

In this role, she finds out about, receives and manages our clients’ administrative files.

Warm and welcoming, she is skilful at resolving delicate situations with care and tact.

Bertrand PRAZ

Bertrand Praz, Director of sales in Romandy and France.

After 15 years of experiences in all areas of insurance (life, non-life, HNWI and expats) at Generali, Nationale Suisse and Helvetia, he offers his professionalism, extensive knowledge, openness and responsiveness.

Responsible for developing and supporting our network of partners, he is your contact person for any distribution agreement applications for our legal protection solution.


Djaouida ZABOUR manages Justicia SA’s Sales Management department.

With a talent for human relations and an expert in client relations, Djaouida is responsible for managing the entire sales chain.

A careful commercial strategist, she is committed to helping her team achieve set objectives in compliance with the firm’s values.

Determined and meticulous, Djaouida is proactive in using her energy to serve Justicia SA’s client members.


Holding a BTS vocational qualification in the management of commercial units and with broad professional experience in sales, Didem joined our firm as an administrative sales assistant.

In addition to the essential professional skills she has, Didem’s fluency in German is an asset for us.

Lively and with a sense of teamwork that she demonstrates through her love of volleyball, Didem knows how to win you over with respect and trust.

Léonora BUSHI

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and solid varied professional experience in sales, Léonora joined our firm as an administrative sales assistant.

Her academic career and previous professional career have allowed her to acquire solid skills in this field such as active listening and sharpened communication skills.

Curious and open-minded, Léonora is passionate about travel. She is also passionate about words and speaks several foreign languages.

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